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Cooking Italian Vacation

Cooking Italy Vacation

When we think of going on vacation most of us see ourselves lying on a beach somewhere or gazing into a sunset. Most of us do not think about going on a cooking vacation. But if you are looking for serious different to do this year when you travel this may serve just the thing for you to try. There are multifarious places in Italy where you care read how to wind up on a cooking Italy vacation. Who knows you may even be the next Rachel Ray when you return home!

A place you should know about if you want to best shot a cooking Italian vacation is a small family owned bed and breakfast called La Locanda del Prete. It is found high on the hills of Monte Amiata in a place called Arcidosso in the province of Grosseto, Tuscany. Arcidosso is found outside a small medieval village and is two and a half hours away from Rome. This family owned operation has welcomed visitors from all over the world. The owner's john doe is Carlo Innocenti and he is also the master chef. La Locanda Del Prete will provide a genuine Tuscan experience for you on your Italian vacation. It is far away from the normally busy and sometimes congested popular easy make destinations so this cozy little bed and breakfast on the hills promises a wonderful experience. Over the years the owner has operated or managed several Italian restaurants and has also been teaching Tuscan cooking. Some of his students hold even included other chefs from all as the world who wanted to learn traditional Italian recipes handed down through the generations. Carlo and his family will teach you authentic Tuscan cooking in an authentic Tuscan environment.

Carlo is also helped by his son Romeo who is and a long Italian chef with a vast knowledge of Italian seafood recipes and the pairing of food with specific wines. If you need help Romeo is also a great tour guide who is fluent in English. Romeo handles their Tuscany Wine Tasting and Vacation Tours. These tours are a fantastic addition to your Cooking Italian Vacation because Romeo will take you through Brunello wine country. You will also be wined and dined while you learn about the culture. They also allow time for you to tour the area and perhaps re - visit some sights that were particularly interesting to you.

This flotation and breakfast is open from mid - May and has 2 packages to choose from. You can stay for a week or for half a week ( 3 nights ). The particular week cooking Italian vacation is perfect for small groups of four to ten. You will stay with Carlo and his central for 6 nights and all transportation is included. For those of you who do not see themselves on vacation without the sea, this package even includes a visit to an old seaside fishing point. As part of this Italy vacation, you will receive an apron and recipe book and spend a morning learning how to cook Tuscan food and then you get to enjoy your own cooking for lunch. La Loconda Del Prete has a website to help you plane your cooking Italian Vacation at www. lalocandadelprete. com.


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